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Saunier Duval Isomax Condens F 35 is a combination boiler (heating and hot water) condensation equipped with MICROFAST. For butane and natural gas.

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Saunier Duval Isomax Condens F 35 is a combination boiler (heating and hot water) condensation equipped with MICROFAST. For butane and natural gas.

The boiler Isomax Condens F 35 is a condensing boiler accumulation of 35 kW of power for hot water and heating. Included EXACONTROL R E7 series.

Heating and hot water instantly.

Its two 21-liter tanks ensure a stable and continuous supply of hot water, even in homes with multiple rooms simultaneously used bathrooms.

The heating and hot water is fácilemente programmable and can be tailored to your needs through modulating wireless remote control fitted as standard

Isodyn2 system. Excellence in hot water.

Exclusive of Saunier Duval, Isodyn2 is a dynamic heating system accumulator that by associating the advantages of instant DHW with hot water stratification and the use of a plate heat exchanger high efficiency, allows immediate water production hot and full recovery of the hot water in the accumulator within a maximum time of 5 minutes.

Maximum energy efficiency. High modulation system H-Mod-ELGA.

Efficient use of energy.

Saunier Duval has greatly reduced the minimum power of these new boilers, up to 5 kW on all models, thus avoiding energy waste in times of low demand.

The external probe (optional) and Wireless Controller supplied as standard permanently control the level of comfort and energy costs.

Electronic regulating gas, the H-MOD system improved. THE GA

The gas-air mixture in new condensing boilers is managed electronically. With more accurate than in boilers with new tires mechanisms modulation system.

Thanks to this new technology the number of on / off cycles is reduced by providing a long service life of equipment and lower consumption.

Wide modulation range: higher seasonal performance.
Perfectly adjusted combustion throughout the modulation range.
Better adaptation to the speci cations of housing.
CO2 reduction of up to 30%.
Ideal for installations with solar contribution.
Silent, compact and easy to use.
Design "One box".

All components including the batteries are located within a compact housing. (One box design makes extremely silent and lower boiler heat losses).

One key one function.

The interface of the boiler has been designed to make it even easier to use. The One Key one function technology is a mode of operation with a large even easier to use and read backlit display.

Wireless remote serial EXACONTROL E7R.

Control systems designed for comfort

Saunier Duval to get the desired comfort temperature should be simple and straightforward.

Hence the ease of use is a priority in the new control systems ark. Improved technology, user-oriented, combining excellence with simplicity.

To get the most out of a condensing boiler and in accordance with the general guidelines of RITE is appropriate to adapt the heating flow temperature to the ambient conditions. They are specifically designed for this modulating thermostats the Saunier Duval.

External sensor via radio (optional).

Autorecargable wireless and battery by photovoltaic cells. The outside temperature variations are taken into account immediately by the boiler before they impact on housing. This option is especially useful in underfloor heating installations.

EXACONTROL E7 R wireless remote control to modulating included as standard.


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