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Isofast Condens F 35

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Saunier Duval gas boiler condensing ISOFAST Condens F35

Duval Sauinier ISOFAST Capacitor F 35 is a combination boiler (heating and hot water) condensation equipped with MICROFAST. Natural gas

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Saunier Duval ISOFAST F Capacitor 35 is a combination boiler (heating and hot water) condensation equipped with MICROFAST. Natural gas
The ISOFAST CONDENS F 35 boiler is a condensing boiler Saunier Duval for hot water and heating power of 35 kW. Included EXACONTROL R E7 series.
The renewal of the most technologically advanced boiler Saunier Duval
ISOFAST Condens is a mixed condensing boiler (heating + hot water) with micro MICROFAST® able to provide hot water without stopping the supply of heating. It is technological, intelligent and effective response to the needs saving, comfort and ecology that arise day today professionals and users.
With aesthetic to other models in the series features the set of accessories specially designed for ISOFAST models, through which virtually identical constraints are satisfied all the needs of comfort in the home.
Technology, aesthetics and handling. Designed to increase the comfort level: improved intuitive interface, backlit display, key concept = a function ?.
Body for seamless integration in their homes.
The end user is ease of use thanks to the new digital display and remote control of very high quality.
Control systems designed for comfort
Saunier Duval to get the desired comfort temperature should be simple and straightforward.
Hence the ease of use is a priority in the new control systems of the brand. Improved technology, user-oriented, combining excellence with simplicity.
To get the most out of a condensing boiler and in accordance with the general guidelines of RITE is appropriate to adapt the heating flow temperature to the ambient conditions. They are specifically designed for this modulating thermostats the Saunier Duval.
External sensor via radio (optional)
Autorecargable wireless and battery by photovoltaic cells. The outside temperature variations are taken into account immediately by the boiler before they impact on housing. This option is especially useful in underfloor heating installations.
EXACONTROL E7 R wireless remote control to modulating included as standard.

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