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Thema Condens F AS 30

New product

Watertight condensation boiler mural to natural gas , small size and easy to use , has the system that accumulates hot MICROFAST to obtain water instantly .

More details

Sunier Duval Thema Condens F AS 30 is a condensing boiler heating only 30 kW of power can produce DHW tank.

The Caldera Thema Condens FAS 30 is a condensing boiler Saunier Duval heating to natural gas and propane.

Comfort and silence

Ergonomic and easy to use. Large displays and panel "button - one function" make the very simple maneuver regulaciónuna temperature stability as its primary objective.

Select all the components in order to optimize the noise level.
The structure of "one box" reduces thermal losses, makes maintenance easier and gets Saunier Duval boilers are unmatched in terms of quiet operation.

A constant temperature in the home, regardless of the external environment thanks to optional items like solar outdoor sensor with which variations in outside Tª are taken into account immediately by the cauldron before they have an impact on housing. or the wireless remote controller-thermostat controlling the boiler continuously to provide the desired temperature.

Stylish and compact (740 x 418 x 344 mm)

Performance and high modulation

Instant performance levels up to 109% and impressively high modulation ranges.

The boiler regulates its power from very low to the highest demands always just consuming energy, avoiding to-start.

Intelligent power modulation controls the temperature of the heating water resulting in maximum operating efficiency of the boilers.

Control systems designed for comfort

Saunier Duval to get the desired comfort temperature should be simple and straightforward.

Hence the ease of use is a priority in the new control systems of the brand. Improved technology, user-oriented, combining excellence with simplicity.

To get the most out of a condensing boiler and in accordance with the general guidelines of RITE is appropriate to adapt the heating flow temperature to the ambient conditions. Are specifically designed for this modulating thermostats the Saunier Duval

External sensor via radio (optional)

Autorecargable wireless and battery by photovoltaic cells. The outside temperature variations are taken into account immediately by the boiler before they impact on housing. This option is especially useful in underfloor heating installations.

EXACONTROL E7R to modulating wireless remote control (Optional).
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